WPHM Schedule

Programming Features:

  • Local news from the Blue Water News Network
  • Michigan News Network reports
  • ABC News at the top of every hour
  • Sports Flash updates every hour during the morning show
  • Bloomberg Money Minutes and short-form features
  • Brownfield Michigan agri-business news

Play-by-Play Sports:

  • Detroit Tigers
  • Detroit Lions
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Michigan State University Football and Basketball


Mid-5am Coast to Coast AM

5-6am First Light with Michael Toscano

6-10am The WPHM Morning Show with Paul Miller

10am-Noon The Hugh Hewitt Show

Noon-3pm The Dave Ramsey Show

3-6pm The Tom Sullivan Show

6-8pm Our American Stories / 7-8pm Mondays Tom Izzo Show

8-9pm The Ken Coleman Show / 8-9pm Monday Inside Michigan Basketball

9pm-Mid Markley, Van Camp, and Robbins


1-5am Coast to Coast AM

5-5:30am This Week In College Football/Basketball

5:30-6am Hugh Hewitt’s Week in Review

6-9am Outdoor Magazine with Mike Avery

9am-Noon At Home with Gary Sullivan 

Noon-1pm The Michael Harrison Wrap

1pm-1am Sports Map Radio Network


1-5am Coast to Coast AM

5-8am Handel on the Law

8-8:30am The Week in Review

8:30-9:30am Our Saviour Lutheran

9:30- 10:30am First United Methodist Church

10:30-11am News Features & Dave Ramsey

11am-Noon Griswold Street Baptist Church

Noon – 1pm Meet the Press

1-2pm Bloomberg’s Business of Sports

2pm-1am Sports Map Radio Network