St. Clair County approves pro-second amendment resolution

St. Clair County is now on the growing list of Michigan counties supporting the right for citizen’s to keep and bear arms. Commissioners on Thursday adopted a revised resolution reaffirming second amendment rights. The resolution was originally to declare St. Clair County a second amendment “sanctuary” county. However last week’s resolution did not include the sanctuary language. “A sanctuary county, as far as the second amendment goes, there is no definition out there,” said Commissioner Bill Gratopp. He adds that the term  “sanctuary” was too vague, and could have been misinterpreted as the county inviting unlawful activity.

Gratopp says the revised resolution was unanimously approved by the board of commissioners Thursday. “The resolution has no teeth… it’s just a symbolic thing,” said Gratopp. “All we did was reaffirm the fact that we support the second amendment.” St. Clair County joins the likes of Sanilac County Commissioners who passed a similar sans-sanctuary resolution earlier this month. Meanwhile, commissioners in Lapeer County adopted a resolution that did include the term “sanctuary” county. Approximately ten Michigan counties have so far passed resolutions in support of the second amendment.


February 7 Bill Gratopp