Mitchell touts trade deal, stands firm against impeachment

Tenth District Congressman Paul Mitchell says a vote on a new trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada is likely to occur later this week. The  Lapeer County Republican says the modernized NAFTA deal will benefit farmers and manufacturers in Michigan. Among the items included is a requirement for 75% of North American vehicles to be sourced by North American parts – up the current 62.5%. “You go down the list, and I think we made a lot of gains,” Mitchell told WPHM. “We’ve got a deal with Canada that will improve poultry exports and deal with some issues with milk that helps our agricultural sector.” Mitchell expects the new USMCA to receive bipartisan support when it’s put to a vote Thursday.

As for the  impeachment of President Trump, Mitchell says he does not support the articles put forth in Congress. “It (impeachment) is a safety valve, not an electoral tool,” said Mitchell. “Unfortunately it in this case it is being used as that, and it’s setting a really bad precedent for the future.”  He says impeachment is likely pass in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives Wednesday but ultimately fail when the Republican-controlled Senate takes it up next year.


December 12 Congressman Paul Mitchell