Contractors work to raise seawall near light ship

Work is well underway to stabilize and raise the seawall near the Huron Lightship in Port Huron. The floating light house is all to familiar with the high water levels that have plagued much of the Great Lakes this year. City council last month provided $11,000 in funding for the project, with about $20,000 additional dollars coming from the Acheson foundation. Andrew Kercher from the Port Huron Museum, speaking to our Paul Miller yesterday, said they had to act fast. “We really tried to move as quickly as we could,” said Kercher. “That ship is really a part of our shared community heritage.” The seawall near the light ship will be raised approximately two feet for a total cost of approximately $31,000. Work is being performed by Thumb Welding. The Huron Light Ship will be 100 years old next  year.