Newsboys to stop hawking papers but still provide basic necessities

It’s the first year in decades that the Port Huron Old News Boys won’t be hawking papers outside area stores and restaurants. The organization announced last month that they will no longer be copies of The Times Herald to help provide basic clothing to local children in need. The Old News Boy’s Ed Weichsler tells WPHM it was a difficult decision to make, citing changing consumer habits and a dwindling volunteer base. Weichsler says the will still be collecting funds this season, and that nearly ever cent raised goes towards providing vouchers to area kids. “98.5% of what we raise goes to what we say it does… that 1.5% is the cost of doing business” said Weichsler. The vouchers, valued at $50 dollars per child, can be used to purchase socks, underwear, shoes, and boots for area children. Weichsler says donations are accepted through the Port Huron Old News Boy’s Facebook page or by mailing a check to PO Box 100, Marysville, Michigan. He adds this year’s fundraising goal is $70,000.