Fentanyl seized at Blue Water Bridge

Nearly 600 grams of fentanyl was seized last month in a series of busts at the Blue Water Bridge. According to a Friday press release from the Customs and Border Protection agency, officers at the Blue Water Bridge discovered eight separate shipments of the deadly narcotic located in trucks carrying Canadian mail destined for the United States. The trucks were flagged for carrying contents that did not match the truck’s manifest and were taken to the CBP’s examination station in Marysville. Upon inspection, packages containing a white substance were found that was later identified as fentanyl.  An estimated 572 grams of the narcotic with an estimated street value of $15,000.00 was confiscated by CBP authorities. Port Huron port director Michael Fox, in a statement, says, “Our officer’s commitment to serve and protect is constant and this is just one of the ways we are doing our part to stem the opioid crisis impacting our nation.”