Concert Series and More Music Headed to McMorran

A wide range of music will be at the forefront at the McMorran Place. Starting with the end of the year and going into the beginning of 2018, the monthly Turn Back Time concert series, looks to showcase classic music sounds from different genres, which range from acts that tribute Carole King, Elton John and Chicago. Along with the Turn Back Time concert series, the Air Force and Army bands will also be making their way to McMorran. The Air Force band features a 30 piece concert band, will be set to perform Saturday October 7th, while the Army band, performing a Jazz ensemble, will take the stage Sunday November 12th.The Air Force and Army band shows are free of charge, but tickets are still required for admission. Tickets are available for purchase for the Turn Back Time series, at the McMorran box office, open every Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm. A discount will be granted if you purchase tickets for all four shows. More information regarding everything happening at McMorran, along with a full calendar of events, can be found at here.