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SC-4's Dr Kevin Pollock addresses the board.


Port Huron City Council Monday night looked back to financial concerns of 2007.  That's when roundtable discussions determined that the financial conditions of the city were in jeopardy.  Millions were deemed needed to pay for state ordered sewer separation.  In the end recommended utility rate increases led to a new council and new administration.  The numbers however have not changed much according to new Port Huron City Manager James Freed who gave a promised assessment of the city's financial condition.  Mayor Pauline Repp says the needs are still here. Freed says the general fund is structurally deficient by about a half million a year while sewer and water accounts will see future problems in the millions if something isn't done.  Workshops have been requested to get council to begin to deal with the situation. Freed says the city has been, as the saying goes, robbing Peter to pay Paul for the past several years.
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