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You Grew Up In Port Huron Michigan If ...

by Paul Miller posted Aug 8 2011 10:40AM
I had a very interesting facebook experience this weekend.  I stumbled upon a group called "You Grew Up in Port Huron Michigan If ..." - and apparently so did a lot of other people!  It has been so much fun to wander down memory lane with over a thousand other poeple who remember the names of the stores next to Farmer Jack (Yankee's, Robert Hall Village, Zody's, Tradeway, 3D), having a pizza bagel at Diana's Sweet Shop, and enjoying a burger at Armbrusters.  There have been thousands of posts there in the past few days and it has been strangely addictive.  I've been reminded of stores and people I haven't thought about in years!  It also reminded me of how much this town has changed since I was a kid.  True enough- a lot of the downtown businesses are gone.  London's Dairy and so many others are gone and not coming back.  And while it's sad to think that the next generation will never have the chance to eat a Pig's Dinner at London's or listen to the nickelodeon at Diana's, there is a great deal of potential here.  We need local businesses not only to drive the economy - but to provide memories for the young people who are here today.
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08/08/2011 10:50AM
You Grew Up In Port Huron Michigan If ...
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09/07/2011 6:08PM
Port Huron Michigan
If you like there Facebook page you should check out the Port Huron Michigan Facebook page we have 1000's of Historic Port Huron Photos
07/26/2013 11:16PM
Who put the soap in the fountain across from pine grove park
04/25/2014 6:35PM
soap in the water
My kids did when they were young. also at the eye clinic. K Marks.
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