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It says spring on the calendar, but US and Canadian Coast Guard ice breakers are still dealing with the winter and doing the hard work of clearing pathways for shipping vessels as they haul raw materials on the ice-clogged Great Lakes.  The past winter saw the most extensive ice cover on the Great Lakes in several years, with Frank Frisk of the website saying what used to be a navigational nightmare in years past has become a bit easier these days thanks to new technologies. Frisk says the ice is the worst since the winter of 1993 and 94.  In some places, lake ice is more than four feet thick, which is pushing the limits of the Coast Guard ice breakers.  Typical ice breaking efforts would continue through May, but Frisk says with the especially tough winter we've had the efforts may take longer this year.   
U.S. Coast Guard picture of Mackinaw,Katmai Bay,Biscayne Bay and Mobile Bay flushing the lower end of the St Mary's River.

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