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WPHM is adding NBC Sports Talk to our weekday lineup beginging June 15th!

Monday - Friday

1am - 5am      Coast to Coast AM
5am - 6am First Light with Dirk Van
6am - 10am Paul Miller
10am - Noon Dennis Stuckey
Noon - 3pm Glenn Beck
3pm - 6pm Sean Hannity
6pm - 1am Dave Ramsey


1am - 5am   Coast to Coast AM Weekend
5am - 6am ABC News Perspective
6am - 9am Outdoor Magazine with Mike Avery
9am - 10am Everything Classic Antiques with Mike Gaylord
10am - Noon Handyman Show with Glenn Haege
Noon - 3pm Anita Marks - NBC Sports
3pm - 5pm Brian Weber - NBC Sports
5pm - 6pm Two Robbies Show - NBC Sports
6pm - 9 pm Jason Page - NBC Sports
9pm - 1am Scott Seidenberg - NBC Sports


1am - 5am   Coast to Coast AM Weekend
5am - 6am Staying Young Show
6am - 7am Kristen Hagopian Show
7am - 8am  Blue Water Beat
8 - 8:30am Capital Pressroom
8:30 - 9:30am Our Saviour Lutheran
9:30 - 11am First United Methodist Church
11am - Noon Griswold Street Baptist Church
Noon - 3pm Sean Hannity Encore
3pm - 6pm Glenn Beck Weekend
6pm - 9pm Leo Laporte Technology Show
9pm - 1am Dave Smith - NBC Sports

Local Play-by-Play Sports

WPHM is your home for the Lions, Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons, and Spartans!


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