After Thursday's storm. Double rainbow just east of Sarnia.


Another storm, packing winds of up to 80-miles per hour, crossed into Saint Clair County, Thursday afternoon, causing more power outages and some minor damage. It followed on the heels of an early Wednesday morning storm system, that also disrupted power, and closed schools in the area. While that storm came in from Lapeer County, this system drove up from Macomb County where 70-mile per hour winds were clocked, by one observer, at 22 mile and Schoenherr. Locally, the Saint Clair County Airport at Marysville showed gusts of up to 46-miles per hour. Sirens were heard across the county when the storm approached as they are intended to sound with Severe Thunderstorm Warnings that include high winds. As a precaution, workers in the Port Huron Municipal Office Center were sent down into the basement area until the all clear was given. There were no injuries reported but, as with the storms Wednesday morning, several traffic lights were out giving cause to remind motorists to treat such intersections as four way stops. Some homes were damaged too, as reported near Riverside Drive and Hancock, thanks to fallen trees and limbs.  Kimball Elementary was closed, Friday morning, due to power still being out. The latest storm is part of weather pattern that is expected to bring more showers into the weekend. Temperatures then cool early next week.

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